Fusys (Futsys) tablets 50mg #10

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Candida infections of different localization, including:
- Candidemia, candiduria, disseminated candidiasis and other forms of generalized candidiasis, including infections of the endocardium, eyes, urinary tract and respiratory system, caused by the fungus genus Candida;
- Infection of the mucous membranes caused by fungi of the genus Candida;
- Non-invasive bronchopulmonary candida infection;
- Chronic oral candidiasis, which is associated with the use of removable dentures;
- Treatment of acute and chronic recurrent vaginal candidiasis. Prevention of recurrence in patients with chronic vaginal candidiasis;
- Candida balanitis;
- Cryptococcal infection of various locations, including cryptococcal meningitis;
- Treatment of tinea, fungal infections groin and foot, onychomycosis, tinea versicolor;
- Treatment of sporotrichosis, histoplasmosis and other endemic mycoses;
- Prevention of fungal infections of different localization in patients with immunodeficiency, as well as in patients receiving cytotoxic or radiation therapy.

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